Sikre: A village in Nepal mountain on the path of transformation to sustainable rural development

With a vision of creating rich biodiversity and prosperous communities, ANSAB generates knowledge and designs programs for community-based, enterprise oriented solutions, which are then implemented in partnership with community groups, local enterprises and other stakeholders. The major outcomes achieved include the conservation of ecosystem and biodiversity, improvement in local livelihoods, enhanced capability, improved governance, and social harmony. As a part of its program ‘transforming natural resource dependent rural communities into commercially viable and sustainable entities’, ANSAB has been supporting several villages in mountains of Nepal. Since 2007, an interesting set of practices has been initiated in Sikre, a very poor village in Sindhupalchok district of Nepal, which shows a promise of being transformed into a model community for integrated sustainable rural development in mountain.

The following article reflects the initial situation, the process and the promising outcomes that provide hope, optimism and flow to the community and other stakeholders.