Building capacity of communities for quality production and marketing of essential oils

Starting Date: June 2020
Ending Date: April 2021
Location: Kapilvastu district of Nepal
Donor(s): Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Implementation Partner(s): NA

The Forest and Farm Facility program of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations sought support from ANSAB for the promotion of quality production and marketing of essential oils in Shivamandir and neighbouring CFUGs of Banganga Municipality of Kapilvastu district. Implemented between June 2020 to April 2021, this project

  1. prepared an  assessment report presenting the detailed review of essential oil bearing plants,  processing enterprises  and production potential in the area, and development of plans for sustainable production of essential oil-bearing plants and operation of the enterprise; 
  2. capacitated over 50 farmers and the operators of essential oil production enterprise on production (incl. organic), processing, product development, labeling, and marketing of essential oils and their products; 
  3. developed a detailed business plan of Shivamandir processing enterprise and trained the management committee and representatives of CFUGs on business planning; 
  4. developed a product (floor cleaning agent) from the waste water from distillation unit and tested in local and nearby regional markets; 
  5. established linkages between processing enterprise management committee and buyers and farmers and seeds/seedlings suppliers based in Nepalgunj; and 
  6. developed a directory of essential oils’ stakeholders that presents the compilation of information of existing stakeholders involved in the essential oils sector in the country.