Natural resources stewardship for community development

Starting Date: May 2016
Ending Date: May 2017
Location: Dolakha, Kavrepalanchok and Sindhupalchok districts of Nepal
Donor(s): Global Greengrants FundAveda
Implementation Partner(s): NA

Aveda has ongoing partnership with ANSAB and domestic enterprises in Nepal for bringing communities in Nepal the economic and social benefit they deserve. The partnership has been for more than a decade and has contributed significantly towards the community development initiatives in Nepal. In order to strengthen the partnership of Aveda and ANSAB for sustainable community development in Nepal, Aveda has supported ANSAB to promote conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and enhanced livelihoods options with social justice in rural communities of Nepal. This project has the specific objectives to: diversify the sources of revenue to select rural communities; contribute to develop a model village with model house in the context of recent earthquake in Nepal; and carry out research and track impacts of the program. The project has been implemented for a year starting from May 2016.