Nudging children toward healthier food choices: An experiment combining school and home gardens

Starting Date: January 2018
Ending Date: December 2019
Location: Sindhupalchok district
Donor(s): Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and DFID
Implementation Partner(s): World Vegetable Center, Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) & Leibniz Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops (IGZ)

The project had the objective to deepen the understanding on how school garden programs can be made more effective to influence children’s food choices toward healthier diets. The project was implemented in Sindhupalchok district covering 30 schools (15 control and 15 intervention), and 436 households corresponding to the students from 15 intervention schools.
ANSAB carried out the home-garden component of the project. ANSAB developed a manual on vegetable home-gardening and nutrition, provided training of trainers to the 15 focal teachers from intervention schools on home-gardening, trained the caregivers representing the beneficiary households on home gardening and nutrition, and supported each household with the seeds, bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides to establish home garden for vegetable production.
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