Strengthening forest dependent communities in Nepal through capacity building around sustainable forest management and forest certification

Starting Date: May 2019
Ending Date: December 2019
Location: Dolakha & Nawalpur districts
Donor(s): Civil Society in Development
Implementation Partner(s): NEPCon

Overall objective: To increase financial and social empowerment of poor forest dependent communities in Nepal. This will be done by using forestry certification to secure income, strengthen their land management capacities, and build visibility to create resilience to challenges regarding access to their natural and cultural resources.

Specific objectives:  
1) To strengthen the partnership between NEPCon and ANSAB as a first step for the benefit of forest dependent communities who can benefit from the combined expertise and leverage of both partners.
2) To build capacity of forest dependent communities in Nepal regarding social, economic and environmental concepts using forest certification as a concrete tool. 
3) To make sure that all learning, discussions and sharing from the project is used to continue thinking, adapting and shaping our work to make it relevant for forest dependent communities both in Nepal and elsewhere, and to disseminate that to the international civil community.